A Lost World's Words (alostworld) wrote in oddfiction,
A Lost World's Words

a thousand tomorrows

Buildings. Skyscrapers. Condos. Complexes reaching out as far and as high as the eye can see. Pristine. Clean. Almost blinding in their reflectiveness. Signs of a great, active people. Perfection in construction. One could imagine thousands upon thousands of people milling around in these buildings, living their lives, working their jobs.

"Except you can't. Because they're all gone."

This realization hit her like a maglev. Just like it did every time she started her round on watch. Who would've thought when the apocalypse came, it would be like this? There's no burning buildings, no smouldering ruins, no massive craters. Everyone is just gone, leaving a self running world in their wake as if they fully intended to come back tomorrow.

Well, almost everyone. Those left behind have been waiting for over a thousand tomorrows.

A thousand tomorrows, maybe more. It was so hard for her to remember, for any of them to remember. She blinked her eyes, pushing away the thoughts. Concentrate. She brought the scope back to her face, and went back to scanning the buildings and the horizon, watching, and waiting, for tomorrow.
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